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Do you hold yourself to excessively high standards? People please? Have a fear of failure or constantly procrastinate?

If you answered YES, let us show you our exact steps on how to end perfectionism and stop the self-sabotaging cycle in this FREE limited replay masterclass.


Do you hold yourself to excessively high standards? Are you a people pleaser? Do you have a fear of failure or constantly procrastinate?

These are all traits of a perfectionist. 

They keep us living in a constant state of dissatisfaction and suffocate our creativity.

What happens is you start to attach your worth to your level of productivity and the results (and praise) you get. 

But no matter how much you succeed, it’ll never truly be good enough. 

There will always be that voice inside that says, “I could have done better.”

So not only does perfectionism stop you from achieving happiness, enjoying the fruits of your work, or following all the way through to the finish line…

...it even stops you from ever starting.

In this limited replay of the Perfectionism Masterclass we're bringing you our tips and strategies to end the self-destructive cycle of doubt, conquer fear, and help you become your own ally so you can feel good and fall back in love with life.

What you'll discover:

  • How to stop beating yourself up
  • Why “shoulding” on yourself is wasting your life
  • A systematic way to eliminate that little voice that tells you you’re a fraud
  • How to overcome the need for approval
  • The power of unconditional self-love

"I've been tuning in religiously for my hit of knowledge and inspiration from Chris and Brit's The Elevated Life. What I get from the Carmichaels that I have yet to find anywhere else is the breadth of lifestyle hacks - mental shifts, plant-based eating, exercise tips, books to read, healthy routines, yoga poses - you name it, they know a lot about it! I can spend a ton of time researching these things on my own or I can just ask Chris and Brit. One seems way easier, doesn't it? At the end of the day, I couldn't pass up the chance to get specific, practical instruction from these two on how to further transform my habits, my health, and my life."

Erika Newsom
Writer + Marketing Consultant

"I've known Chris for a long time and have had the pleasure of getting to know Brittney in the past few years and I can definitively say they are amazing, knowledgeable people. I see so much in this new form of 'life coaching' where the coach is not the kind of person that people should take advice from, and the coach needs more coaching than their followers. It irks me that they have people paying them for advice and coaching, seems dangerous, but not Chris and Brittney... Chris and Brittney live what they teach, they practice what they preach. They will try all sorts of new and different ways of doing simple things, ways to live, organize, eat, etc... They will share what works for them and what doesn't work for them. So many people in their line of work do not live the way they coach, but these two exemplify it. I can't say enough good things. I've seen a tremendous improvement in my life in the last few years just making little changes that the two have suggested. "

Alex Lewis
Entrepreneur + Restaurateur

"I highly highly highly recommend the Elevated Life! There is so much wisdom and infinite intelligence that flows freely from Chris and Brit directly to you! If you are in a place of receiving then The Elevated Life is the path of least resistance for bringing you into alignment mentally, physically, and spiritually."

Christiane Love
Yoga Instructor + Clothing Designer

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Who are The Carmichaels?

Brit and Chris Carmichael, founders of The Elevated Life®, are a husband and wife duo dedicated to empowering people on the path to transformation, healing, and enlightenment.

Chris has spent decades of his life studying psychology and personal development. He uses a powerful blend of meditation and hypnosis to help you break free of fear and tap into your full potential. From 7-figure real estate to yoga teacher and meditation guru, Chris can help you find your inner calm while overcoming any challenge you’re up against.

Brit has spent over 15 years behind the chair of her luxury vegan hair salon where she empowers women to SHINE from the inside. She’s the Founder of Shine School®, an online self-love mastery course, creator of the Shine from the Inside Oracle™ deck, who loves to inspire others to find their sparkle magic.

After collectively losing 175 lbs, running multiple successful businesses, and healing past trauma, The Carmichaels are on a mission to empower others to live their life with passion and purpose.

What does it mean to live an Elevated Life?

Here's the deal... Living an Elevated Life is all about living your best life unapologetically.

We take a holistic approach to living life with intention and mindfulness.

We empower you with practical and spiritual tools, techniques, and mindset shifts to up-level every area of your life so that you can start living your Elevated Life.

“Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.” -Salvador Dali

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