Meet Chris Carmichael

"I’ve been an overachiever my whole life. If there was something I wanted to succeed at, I did it, and there was no one going to stand in my way. That habit has cost me so much: my sanity, my relationships, and my happiness. With your help, I’ve finally found peace. Realization really is the new success."

Amy R.
Through his highly-acclaimed meditation and mindset courses, thriving weekly inspirational videos, and social media presence, Chris inspires a new, simplified, relaxed way of looking at life that takes us out of the “hamster wheel” of repetitive negative thinking and back into the present moment.

He teaches how by moving away from “doing” and into “being”, even the most cluttered mind can bypass limited beliefs and self-doubt, and instead generate a fire inside that brings about inspired action and the beginning of a fuller, richer, more expressive life.

Chris has spent decades of his life studying psychology and personal development.

He uses a powerful blend of meditation and hypnosis to help you break free of fear and tap into your full potential. From 7-figure real estate to meditation guru, Chris can help you find your inner calm while overcoming any challenge you're up against.

Chris is the co-founder of The Elevated Life® monthly membership clubwhere he teams up with his wife, Brittney, to teach simple mindset shifts to create radical transformation and empower people on the path of healing, transformations, and enlightenment. 


Are you ready to learn to calm your mind, relax your body, and retake control of your life?

You’d be CRAZY if you said no, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Your MINDSET is the determining factor of your success, happiness, and even your stress. 

I want to help you learn to RELAX. Because we all know we’re better humans when we’re coming from a peaceful place.

I’ve put together something special for you that will help you to begin your journey of relaxation to stress-free living.

In this guided meditation training you’ll learn:

  • How to relieve stress and anxiety naturally
  • The right way to easily calm your nerves
  • How top performers control negative states even amidst chaos
  • The trick to maintaining high levels of energy throughout the day

Life is only as good as your mindset. It’s time for an upgrade.


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